Esri Colombia

“Teleworking offers many advantages that are enhanced thanks to tools such as Effiwork, which optimises the time and work that each person carries out”.

Esri Colombia

“Teleworking offers many advantages that are enhanced thanks to tools such as Effiwork, which optimises the time and work that each person carries out”.

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A single tool for multiple and optimised management

Esri Colombia is a pioneer in the generation of GIS, geographic information systems, which, through the collection, integration and analysis of multiple data, help its users and clients to make intelligent decisions.

The challenge

Esri Colombia’s continuous growth has increased its business and project volume significantly in recent years. However, the company lacked specific software to store, manage and administer projects and the wealth of information generated from them. There was also no automatic recording of the hours spent on each task, nor the total or final time worked by each employee on the different projects… The overall information obtained was unreliable as it appeared incomplete and was continually edited.

Esri Colombia needed a very specific software for this multiple management and it had to be implemented in a short time. This was a challenge for Workmeter and our flagship tool Effiwork, which provided Esri Colombia with the solution they needed with effective and immediate support and guarantees.

The solution

According to Felipe Beltrán of Esri Colombia, “because it is such an intuitive tool, we have been able to integrate it quickly to optimise productivity. Although the current pandemic situation has slowed down the adaptation to the work method, it has taken us no more than three months to implement it, train employees and professionals in its use. In addition, something that we have liked a lot about Effiwork is that you can quickly appreciate its benefits, everything it helps you with, and thanks to this, our employees have learned quickly without showing any resistance to change. Of course, the support, support and quick response from Workmeter has made it very easy for employees to quickly familiarise themselves with the tool.


Esri Colombia has confirmed an improvement in the performance and efficiency of its employees. The centralisation of information and the quick visualisation of tasks, projects and time spent allows them to focus on what is really important, resulting in improved work quality, decision-making and results.

For Felipe Beltrán, “this benefit also undoubtedly has a positive impact on the work and projects we carry out for our customers, who are already appreciating it. We can now respond more quickly to changes and unforeseen events in projects.

Eight reasons why it recommends Effiwork

Esri Colombia recommends Workmeter’s Effiwork for three main reasons: its simple interface for users and administrators, quality technical support and available integrations that allow for a more efficient use of the captured information. In addition, it considers other features to be very advantageous:

– Automation of activities.

– Assignment of projects by each of the professionals.

– Fast and efficient administration.

– Training on new functionalities.

– Detailed reports at user and administrator level.

“Telework offers many advantages that are enhanced thanks to tools such as Workmeter’s Effiwork, which optimises the time and work carried out by each person, making everyone more aware of it, which translates into a better quality of life and contributes to family reconciliation”, concludes Felipe Beltrán.

About the Client

Improved performance and performance:

About the client

World leader in GIS information systems, which through ArcGIS helps its users to collect, analyse and manage geospatial data to improve decision making, integrating solutions with location intelligence.

ArcGIS, Esri’s platform, has gone from being used only by GIS experts to being available to everyone, as it is available on mobile devices and takes advantage of the cloud.for more than 20 years, Esri Colombia has participated in 80% of the local market.


Information technology and services



Company size:

201-500 employees



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