Time and attendance solution

Time management – Time and attendance

Why choose our time management software?

Time management – Time and attendance

The registration is automatic.

Forget about manual clocking in, record your schedule in real time and visualize the data in any center from the cloud.

Time management – Time and attendance

Saves HR time

Save on supervision time, accurately track overtime, keep track of actual working time and breaks and keep your reports always up to date.

Time management – Time and attendance

Promotes flexibility and

Offers the best compromise between timekeeping and flexibility, by comparing results between face-to-face and telecommuting

Time management – Time and attendance

Complies with the Day's Registry Law

Avoids penalties by providing reliable, unmodifiable and non-manipulable information, while respecting employee privacy

100% automatic, objective and secure software

Employees do not waste time punching in manually, the data obtained is completely objective and can be accessed from any location and device thanks to its secure storage in the cloud.

Tab across different devices automatically

A multi-device clocking system adapted to all work scenarios

Download and set it up in a few minutes

Start times, end times and breaks are automatically recorded at PC startup and shutdown. Your employees will not have to clock in.

File whatever your device and workstation and through your cell phone.

Establish a fixed entry point from a tablet.

Time management – Time and attendance

Simple, intuitive and 100% objective day record keeping

Complying with the requirements of the current regulations and statistics.

Start and end times per day and per employee

Know your attendance time and effective working hours thanks to the registration of breaks and rest periods required by current legislation.

Quickly detect differences between your employees’ expected and actual working hours

View a summary of entry and exit times, time worked and the time expected on the activity or productivity.
Time and attendance software

Manage overtime and balance of hours easily with customized rules

Accurate and error-free overtime calculation

With which your HR department will be able to keep track of accumulated overtime, include it in payrolls or compensate it with rest days.

Employees may request validation of overtime from their managers

Compensates or pays total overtime hours worked by each employee

Time management – Time and attendance

Keep track of your employees' objectives and compare them with the results.

Analyze results, optimize time management — eorganize available resources and avoid work overloads that can cause unnecessary stress to your team members.

Understand how your employees work and avoid work stress.

Easily identify new opportunities for improvement of your teams

track your equipment
See which employees have logged on during the day and whether they are available for communication

Reduce absenteeism with an automatic control system

Obtain attendance and absenteeism reports in both essential and telework environments.

Quickly view the employees who have logged in on a given day and those who are currently active to establish communications with them.

Check if your employees or co-workers are still at work or if they are on a call to respect their work and their digital disconnection.

Clock in easily and quickly from your Smartphone

Keep an hourly record of your working day, even without connection, directly from your mobile. 

Send your vacation requests throught your mobile app and keep track of your employees absences. 

Check the status of your proposals, notifications and access your information centrally. 

time control also from your smartphone

Helps you comply with Organic Law 3/2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights in Europe

Time management – Time and attendance
The right to digital disconnection contributes to the right to rest, personal and family privacy, work-family balance and effective protection of worker’s health and safety. 

One of the priority lines of the current EU strategic framework on health and safety at work (2021-2027) is digitalization, and within this, attention to the right to digital disconnection. 

All companies and organizations, both public and private, have the obligation to ensure the right to digital disconnection of all workers (Organic Law 03/2018, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights and Law 10/2021, of Remote Work). 

Recommendations in United Kingdom

There are no legal guidelines in the UK that directly govern clocking in and out. However, there are recommendations for employees to have a system for tracking employee work hours. 

It is advisable to keep an adequate record to guarantee respect for the limits of the weekly working day and working hours. Also mark the entrance or exit of work or use a clocking system to indicate breaks. 

Each company has the freedom to decide the method in which it performs the time recording and keep the extracted data for at least two years. 

How does WorkMeter help you comply with the Time and Attendance Law?

  • Automatic time recording – Adapts to teleworking – Reports are always up to date

        WorkMeter’s time control software allows you to collect employee data automatically and objectively. Data is recorded in real time. It provides reliable and unchangeable information. It                        automatically collects start and end times from the employee’s device so that the time is recorded whether the employee is working in the office or at home. It also offers a timekeeping app              for mobile employees. The automation ensures that reports are always up to date and eliminates unnecessary administrative tasks for the HR department.

  • Measures actual working time and calculates overtime 

         WorkMeter measures actual employee activity (actual working time) and accurately calculates break times. It provides the
         Human Resources department with comprehensive time recording reports and overtime reports for each employee.

  • Data preservation
    It is a completely SaaS application (in the cloud), it does not require costly investments in infrastructure, installations or special equipment. It generates reports in Excel, PDF and CSV formats, offering data security guarantees and information backup. 

  • Data availability
    Data can be accessed from any location or work center at any time.

  • Employees can access their data
    Employees can access their personal data, self-assess their own performance, optimize their time management and increase their productivity.

It is important to keep in mind that an optimal timekeeping solution not only meets the need for labor control and legal compliance, but is also an effective solution for increasing employee efficiency and performance.

Employee timekeeping solutions, such as WorkMeter, not only provide complete reports on the working day and working hours of each professional, but also offer data on the quality of work, facilitate self-management of time, improve productivity and encourage the implementation of new ways of working, such as flexible working hours or teleworking, providing transparency with totally objective and accurate information.

A solution that guarantees the right of digital disconnection to workers, since it has a system of alerts that warn employees when they have reached the end of their workday, recommending them to disconnect from their device and from their work responsibilities. In this way, WorkMeter promotes the reconciliation of work and family life, generating an appropriate balance.

Currently, having time control software can be very beneficial for many companies ang organizations, which is why it is becoming more common and mandatory among them. Whatever the reason companies have, it seems that the growing need to know information about the fulfillment of working hours, forces companies to want a time control of their employees to know their performance and promote their growth. The best solution is one that not only complies with timekeeping but also allows employees to manage and optimize their own time in the best possible way.

Time management – Time and attendance
"We now have an accurate time recording system that works both on-site and teleworking, and requires no intervention from HR or the employees themselves. A system in which data is always available and which saves thousands of hours a year in time management."

Carmen Cobo

Head of Labor Relations at WiZink

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Time management – Time and attendance


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Time management – Time and attendance

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Time management – Time and attendance

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Time management – Time and attendance

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Time management – Time and attendance

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