Disconnection, health, and employee wellness

Time management-Digital disconnection

Why choose our employee disconnection, health and wellness software?

Time management-Digital disconnection

It is 100% automatic

Forget about manual clocking in, record your schedule in real time and visualize the data in any center from the cloud.

Time management-Digital disconnection

Facilitates the functions of the HR department

Save on supervision time, accurately track overtime, keep track of actual working time and breaks and keep your reports always up to date.

Time management-Digital disconnection

Promotes flexibility and

Offers the best compromise between timekeeping and flexibility, comparing results between face-to-face and telecommuting

Time management-Digital disconnection

Fulfills the Right to Digital Disconnection

Avoids penalties by providing reliable, unmodifiable and non-manipulable information, while respecting employee privacy

100% automatic, objective and secure software

Employees do not waste time punching in manually, the data obtained is completely objective and can be accessed from any location and device thanks to its secure storage in the cloud

Set up alerts to promote the digital health of your employees

Complies with the Right to Digital Disconnect

Record with objective data the mechanisms that promote compliance with the digital disconnection.

Keep track of your employees’ breaks and rest periods to support digital disconnection compliance.

Respect compliance with the vacation days and times established by agreement.

Set up alerts to inform your employees of the end of their workday and the NO obligation to attend to work matters.

Time management-Digital disconnection

Take care of your mental and digital health

Take breaks and rest periods within the working day to comply with the mandatory maximum working hours and minimum consecutive rest between working days.

Balances task sharing and optimizes time management through self-assessment.

Reduce overwork, burnout and Burnett’s risk by raising awareness of work times and interruptions.

Time management-Digital disconnection
Time management-Digital disconnection

Achieve true flexibility and work-life balance in your business

Automatically records clock-in and clock-out times and breaks during the working day.

Data is collected automatically from your PC with or without an Internet connection. Collecting working time from any location.

Establish an environment of trust and transparency with your employees.

Time management-Digital disconnection

Contemplate the right to privacy and use of your employees' digital devices.

Collects the time spent in applications and websites without capturing the content.

Record the time spent on each task while respecting the privacy of the contents of each task.

Although data collection is automatic, employees can stop or activate the report to account for their time.

Time management-Digital disconnection
Time management-Digital disconnection
"The metering systems have allowed our people to continue to work from home. working from home. Thanks to the warning systems, which alert the worker who has exceeded a certain number of working hours, it makes it easier to disconnect."

Ignacio Frías

Director Financiero de Morph Estudio

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Time management-Digital disconnection


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Time management-Digital disconnection

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Time management-Digital disconnection

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Time management-Digital disconnection

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Time management-Digital disconnection

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