“We now have an accurate time recording, which works both in person and teleworking, and requires no intervention from HR or the workers themselves.


“We now have an accurate time recording, which works both in person and teleworking, and requires no intervention from HR or the workers themselves.

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100% digital time registration

WiZink’s objective is to offer a wide range of personalised, simple, transparent and online financing solutions, making it the leader in consumer financing on the Iberian Peninsula. Its completely digital management philosophy is its main characteristic.


The challenge

When new legislation obliged Spanish companies to keep a record of their employees’ working hours, WiZink, the digital bank and expert in consumer finance in Spain and Portugal, was very clear from the outset what kind of solution it needed. It had to be a solution that suited its flexible culture. And it certainly couldn’t be a solution that would mean additional tasks for its employees over and above those they already had. But, above all, it had to be a fully digital solution. “We are a digital bank and this means that any tool we adopt has to be closely linked to new technologies”, explains Carmen Cobo, Head of Labour Relations at WiZink.

After weighing up several alternatives, the company finally opted for Time@Work, Workmeter’s time recording tool. “It was the only one that offered us a solution that was practically 100% automated, with no manual work, and that was a determining factor for us as one of our main objectives was to have a solution that would help us comply with the law but at the same time have minimal interference in the day-to-day work of our employees,” summarises Cobo.


The solution

Time@Work offered, among other advantages, experience, security, reliability and ease of use. And it also provided the guarantee of working with a tool that has been tried and tested in the market and used by other large clients. “As the majority of the workstations are PC-based, the product offers total automation with which WiZink can have a record of the entire staff’s working day without HR intervention and without any time cost for the employee. In addition, it is a cloud-based solution and, therefore, requires neither investment in technology nor having to keep records for four years, as we do everything from Workmeter”, emphasises Joan Pons, CEO of Workmeter.

One of the advantages that WiZink most appreciates about Time@Work is its ability to automate. “Employees don’t need to log into the tool; all they need to do is have a PC for the registration to take place. And in the event that they want to go deeper into the solution and access the tool, Time@Work is very intuitive and easy to use”, comments Carmen Cobo.

This is at the user level. In terms of internal design, the solution’s reliability and flexibility are other plus points. “The tool is practically bug-free and, moreover, it allows us to make adjustments according to our needs”, emphasises this Human Resources specialist.

Cobo particularly values the closeness she has felt at all times from Workmeter. “They have been permanently at our disposal to implement the changes we asked for. Whether it was a matter of modifications that required complex developments, or simpler modifications such as changing the message that appears in the pop-up when you are absent from your post for more than 15 minutes”. Follow-up meetings, incidents in the register, adjustments for groups… “There has been total availability on their part and I would say a lot of joint work. In this project we have felt Workmeter as if it were part of our own team, and that shows in the result”.

As with all significant changes in business operations, there were doubts at the beginning. “Having never had a time recording tool before, employees had a lot of questions: how to access the tool, how to edit activity… In fact, basic things, nothing that wasn’t already answered in the user guide, the explanatory video or the other materials we uploaded to the intranet.

Although the go-live was planned for March 2020, the arrival of the pandemic delayed the whole process. “We finally went live in June, with all the staff working remotely, so the installation was carried out remotely,” recalls Carmen Cobo. Despite these difficulties, the process went very quickly. “In just a few days we had the tool installed on all the PCs”. A speed in which, once again, the good understanding between the two companies was key. “The Workmeter team worked hard with our technology team to arrive very well prepared at the time of installation, and this meant that we were able to start up on time and without complications”, emphasises WiZink’s Head of Labour Relations.


Any room for improvement? “On some computers, such as Linux, registration is not automatic and has to be done manually. But apart from this aspect, which we are working on solving, the tool meets our needs practically 100%”, concludes Carmen Cobo.

“We now have an accurate time register, which works both in person and teleworking, and which does not require any intervention from HR or the workers themselves. A system in which the data is always available and which saves thousands of hours a year in time management”.

“If we have had it since 2020, it is because it works very well for us and because it can be adapted to all types of business reality”, summarises this head of the bank. Recently, WiZink has extended the use of the tool to the two companies that have recently joined the group: Lendrock and Aplazame, which means that there are now more than 1,000 Time@Work users.

For Carmen Cobo, the best indicator of the tool’s effectiveness is the fact that two years after its implementation, there are practically no incidents or queries from employees. “Maybe we get a question every three months, but they are never complex questions that force us to adjust the tool. Sometimes we forget that the solution is there, but it is there. And that silent coexistence is the best proof that it works”.

About the Client

Accurate and objective time recording:

About the client

WiZink is a digital bank expert in consumer finance in Spain and Portugal, specialising in credit cards and savings products. It is a branchless bank that operates through digital channels, mainly mobile devices. It boosts all the financial potential of its users in a responsible, realistic, agile and flexible way.




Spain and Portugal

Company size:

1001 – 5000 employees




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