“WorkMeter led to an increase in employee performance, creating a climate of productive competition between departments, which had an impact on the company’s results”.


“WorkMeter led to an increase in employee performance, creating a climate of productive competition between departments, which had an impact on the company’s results”.

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Improved working time management


The challenge

After reaching a certain volume of activity, we needed to measure the productivity of some departments (especially the logistics, sales and production departments) to find out what they were doing and how they were using their tools, in order to analyse their performance and draw conclusions.

Moreover, as it was not an automatic collection of data, the information obtained was not a true reflection of the efforts and hours spent on the many projects managed by the company, causing serious planning problems and erroneous estimates of the workload of the resources.

We manage 100% of our processes in-house (except for transport and hosting which are outsourced). Due to the specifics of our business, management is one of the biggest challenges because we produce campaigns, manage online marketing, operate our own email marketing tool and have a logistics centre.

Our objective was, on the one hand, to optimise the management of these three key departments for the company, as due to their capacity to generate and manage campaigns it is essential to measure and analyse their productivity. On the other hand, we needed to transmit to some of our employees that their performance was going to be evaluated.

The solution

While we initially implemented the EffiWork solution only for some employees, it was later extended to the departments directly related to operations, and finally rolled out to 100% of the organisation.

In this process we understood that the culture of efficiency had to be extended to the company as a whole.

At the beginning of the process, the employees asked their questions about the objective of the implementation of this system and we were able to resolve their doubts within a period of 2 weeks. After this time, EffiWork was understood as one more solution within the different management tools of our company.


The results were almost immediate.

For employees whose functions were directly related to the management of computer applications, their performance improved by 20-30%.

This effect was noticeable after the first 2 weeks of implementation, as they themselves became aware of how they were managing their time. The introduction of EffiWork generated a competitive factor between the different departments, which led to the organisation of regular meetings to monitor their results and by contrasting them with the EffiWork dedication metrics, they were able to see the best practices by work area.

The implementation of this system generated some interesting situations, such as that of one of our employees who had little communication with her colleagues and who told us that she wanted more work as she had “too much time”.

After evaluating the effects of applying this software to all the employees of the organisation, in the first 3 months after its implementation, we achieved a consolidated increase in productivity of 30%.

About the Client

Increased work performance:

About ESdemarca

Esdemarca is a private sales club. Its main activity is based on the launch of daily online promotions of fashion and accessories campaigns of the best brands, with discounts of up to 70%.


Textile and fashion industry.



Company size:

11-50 employees



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