Improved management of “We have improved our productivity and it helps us to manage our international projects”:


Improved management of “We have improved our productivity and it helps us to manage our international projects”:

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Optimisation of resources and workloads


The challenge

Bryte is a company with a long history and a varied portfolio of clients who hire them for different projects.

For the company, being able to unequivocally measure the time invested in each project is fundamental to be able to carry out an efficient management of its resources. For this reason, Bryte had always worked with time recording systems, but they were aware that these manual recording systems did not allow them to have a real-time view of the working hours invested in each project.

Moreover, as it was not an automatic collection of data, the information obtained was not a true reflection of the efforts and hours spent on the many projects managed by the company, causing serious planning problems and erroneous estimates of the workload of the resources.

The solution

Bryte needed to find a tool capable of automatically and objectively measuring the hours of dedication per project and evaluate the workload of its employees, in order to optimise planning and understand at all times the need for resources associated with each project.

They decided to implement WorkProject in the project development department, whose main functions are the design, development and implementation of web applications.


Three months after implementing WorkProject, Bryte believes that not only have they been able to effectively solve the problem they had initially identified, but also that they have obtained quantitative and qualitative results that contribute to the improvement of the company’s corporate results and productivity.

The improvements made with WorkProject have enabled us to achieve a 30% increase in productivity in the development department.

It is now possible to keep an exhaustive record of all the working hours invested in each project, which has allowed us to improve the management of the company’s resources.

It has been possible to do away with tools that are not very productive, to promote the use of those that are more productive and, consequently, to get more out of the investments made in them.

WorkProject has substantially improved time management and is perceived by employees as a decisive factor, as they now have a tool that allows them to manage their own work individually and flexibly.

WorkProject has improved the working environment, has boosted teleworking and flexitime initiatives and has facilitated faster and more efficient project execution.

About the Client

Improved project management:

About Bryte

We are an international agency for digital marketing, development and management of online shops.

We offer our clients our experience and enthusiasm to create a sales channel for their business:


Marketing & Advertising



Company size:

11-50 employees



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