Best work hours tracker app

Published on 14/05/2024

Best work hours tracker app

Published on 14/05/2024

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Since 2019, companies have been seeking tools and work hours tracker apps for clocking in at work to comply with time-tracking laws.

Companies are using work hours tracker apps because of the COVID-19 pandemic and new ways of working. These apps are versatile and adaptable, making them ideal for employees working from various locations and devices. They automate time tracking and are easy to use.

Through these solutions, businesses maintain records of employee activity, meeting legal requirements. However, the digital market offers myriad options. Here, we outline top clock-in solutions and apps.

What is a work hours tracker app?

An ideal work hours tracker app is a computer program that records when workers start and finish their shifts. It also tracks their break times. Now, let’s discuss its details and features. Let’s talk about its details and features.

Usually, when we talk about an application, we are referring to a mobile app. This is a tool that lets employees of a company clock in using their phones. Many work hours tracker apps also have a web or desktop version.

Companies can use an app or software to track time instead of keeping physical files. Digitize and store the timekeeping reports in the cloud.

What should a work hours tracker app include?

The work hours tracker app should generate a timekeeping report that includes the employee’s name, date, clock-in and clock-out times, as well as meal breaks if the workday is split. Failing to record breaks correctly could result in counting the time between starting and finishing work as time worked.

Additionally, it should include the duration of the workday and calculate any overtime hours, if applicable.

It’s important to note that while the timekeeping law allows companies to use any tool for time tracking, it must “provide reliable, unmodifiable, and non-manipulable information afterward, either by the employer or by the worker.”

The best work hours tracker app, an automatic and efficient solution

This software’s standout feature is automating time tracking and adapting to both in-person and remote work models.


WorkMeter’s time management software is the only one that tracks time automatically. It is designed for companies with employees who use computers, smartphones, and other technological devices.

An automatic time tracker helps employees save time by avoiding manual reports. It also keeps HR reports current and reduces unnecessary administrative tasks. There are three ways to track time:

  • 100% automatic PC clock-in
  • Telework app for employees on the go
  • Web environment clock-in

WorkMeter’s software meets all legal requirements and records the time the employee starts work on their device and the time they finish. It tracks break times, controls work hours, breaks, and overtime accurately (effective work), ensuring precise tracking of hours worked.

What does WorkMeter’s time management software offer?

Information is structured by schedule, activity, employee, and device, providing completely objective data. These functionalities make it a very useful tool for team analysis and evaluation.

The software has a tool for managing vacations and absences. It also has a visual work calendar. Different types of days can be organized on the calendar based on company work agreements.

With our software, companies can detect inefficiencies, improve productivity, and promote self-management of time.

Employees can access their data to optimize their time management and increase their work productivity. Managers can see data on employee work and schedules to manage workloads and overtime pay.

A tool that adapts to any organization, regardless of size, and does not require maintenance or complicated configurations. Doubts can be resolved through its comprehensive and detailed support page and its customer service team.

WorkMeter’s time management software ensures that employees can disconnect digitally after their workday is done. The software has a feature that reminds employees to take breaks, helping them stay healthy and well.

It is a completely SaaS work hours tracker app, requiring no costly investments in infrastructure, installations, or special equipment. It generates reports in Excel, PDF, and CSV formats, offering data security guarantees and information backup.

Hardware solutions for time tracking in your workplace

There are other options available for companies where employees do not use technology, aside from work hour tracker apps. These hardware solutions allow clocking in and out through a code, fingerprint, or card. This device is associated with software that provides timekeeping reports.

If you have employees who work from home sometimes, you should consider using a digital clocking system. These systems are made for tracking hours worked, even when employees are not in the office, as required by law.

Whatever work hours tracker system or app you decide to adopt, remember that it must meet specific requirements. Otherwise, you could be exposed to fines and penalties.


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