Time-tracking app: How to choose the best labor control application

Published on 22/08/2023

Time-tracking app: How to choose the best labor control application

Published on 22/08/2023

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A few years ago, the time control law was approved, which obliges companies to keep a record of the hours and activity of their employees, either through a work time control app or other work recording software tools. Labor control, the registration of working hours, or time control, are terms that every employer should keep in mind during their management.

With the arrival of the pandemic and the rise of new work models – such as teleworking or hybrid work – many companies have been forced to update their work registration systems or signings since they cannot always be face-to-face. For this reason, applications for working hours control are so important within the new business reality, their versatility and adaptability to different scenarios are the most precious characteristics.

To ensure compliance with the law on time control and facilitate its implementation in the new forms of work, different solutions allow for objective labor control based on the measurement of results.

How to assess the need for a time-tracking app

The number of digital programs and functionalities dedicated to time control is high, this generates great indecision during the process of choosing the most appropriate software. Therefore, it is important to take into account the real needs of the company, and to help you address the issue, we suggest you answer the following questions:

Most of the working day, do employees work from their computers?

If the answer is yes, then you should choose a time control software that is installed on the PC of the employees.

We recommend choosing a system that automatically records the start and end times of the day since the data collected will be completely objective. In addition, employees will not have to clock in manually, there will be no forgetfulness or approximations, thus avoiding possible sanctions by the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate.

Do employees work outside the office and use the computer very little or not at all?

If employees do not use the computer, they will need a time control app so that they can easily clock in from their mobile devices.

A time control app will detect when the employee arrives at the workplace, when registering their entry, thus initiating the recording of the day. In the same way, when the employee leaves the center and stops the registration.

Does my company have flexible hours or do I work remotely?

The regulation of time control obliges keeping a record of the working day of the employees regardless of the type of work: hybrid, teleworking, face-to-face, etc. For this reason, a system that is installed directly on the employee’s PC or the remote desktop server will allow the obligatory time control to be carried out 100% automatically and in the different modalities, avoiding forgetting the record and objectifying the data and reports.

In addition, there is a series of time control apps, or labor control applications, that guarantee the right to digital disconnection, thus favoring the reconciliation between professional and personal life and the well-being of the employee.

Do I only want attendance control or do I want to know the effective working time of each worker?

Many free time control applications only measure the time of presence; the time of entry and the time of departure. However, the ministry advises measuring breaks to calculate effective working time. For this reason, it is important to choose tools that allow you to count break time without forcing employees to report it manually.

WorkMeter’s time control software, in addition to automatically registering the start and end of the day, records breaks and breaks, facilitating clear reports on the effective working time activity of each employee.

Do I need accurate overtime reports so HR can manage compensation?

The new time control law aims to fight job insecurity and avoid unpaid overtime. For this reason, you need to choose time control software that allows you to accurately calculate overtime.

WorkMeter’s time control software has customizable rules, one of which offers the possibility of configuring a pop-up window that notifies the worker when his day has finished, based on his working hours or the actual working time expected by the company, allowing him to decide whether to continue working outside of your schedule and record the overtime or end your day.

How much time do I want to spend recording the start and end times of the day?

Recording the working day is a legal obligation but it should not detract from time, neither for the employees nor for the Human Resources team. Any automatic system will minimize the time invested in administrative tasks and will guarantee compliance with the regulations: the time control law, the teleworking law, and the fundamental rights of workers such as digital disconnection and respect for privacy.

Keys to choosing the best labor control app on the market

time-tracking app

There is currently a wide variety of applications for controlling working hours on the market, both apps for mobile phones or tablets, as well as web environments or dedicated software, which allow effective entry and exit hours of employees to be recorded, but not all of them are just as effective.

It is important to choose a solid and flexible technology provider, with experience and knowledge of the market. In turn, the selected software must meet the needs of the company and the specifications of the current regulations of the time control law.

Some of the characteristics that we consider essential for the correct registration of the work are:

Registration of entry and exit of workers

The tool we select must have sufficient capacity to guarantee the effective and efficient check-in and check-out of all company employees, whether through mobile devices or the web.

Break management

In addition to registering the entry and exit, it is important that the software solution also allows the measurement of break times and the calculation of overtime that employees dedicate once their workday is finished.

Calculation of effective work

Calculating the time spent by each worker at their job is essential, but it is also important to be able to calculate the actual working time. This is achieved with measurement not only of the entry and exit times but also of the interaction of the worker with his teams to know the activity time dedicated to the fulfillment of objectives

Versatile, easy to use, and implement

The selected tool must be a support that helps the HR department and the employer to record the work of their employees, therefore it must be a facilitating agent. That is, it must be easy to use and implement by the workers and by the HR department, which will compare the data and measurements, at the same time that it should.

Adaptable to different modalities and types of work

As we have pointed out at the beginning of this post, the arrival of teleworking and the hybrid model has completely changed the labor paradigm in our days, which has led companies to start a process of conversion and adaptation. Therefore, labor registration solutions must also adapt to this new reality and promote their implementation, to achieve greater well-being of the company’s human team.

Questions in real-time

Being able to consult the activity record of the workers in real time is a key functionality for group managers, and also for the employees themselves. The latter can keep track of the remaining time to finish their day and keep track of their breaks.

Access to tools from different types of devices

A labor control tool must be flexible and mobile. The registration must be carried out and viewed from different devices, to facilitate the signing of employees. At the same time, promoting new work modalities, discussed in the previous section, such as teleworking, family reconciliation, and flexible hours.

Have pilot tests

Last but not least, the adoption of the solution should be subject to a pilot test that allows validating compliance with legal requirements and those expected in the initially proposed model.

The definitive labor control app

If you are looking for a labor control app or a software solution that meets all the aforementioned characteristics and that saves time and costs for your company’s HR department, we have the definitive App.

WorkMeter’s time control software is the only on the market that 100% automatically records effective working time and breaks during the day.

Our software works as an engine that collects data on the activity inside and outside the devices, processes it, and converts it into measurable metrics to meet business objectives, simply and quickly.

In addition to signing and viewing data on the web, it allows signing directly from a smartphone through its mobile app. This application for working hours control will collect all those times of activity in which the computer is not used for work, as is the case of commercial visits or business trips. It is undoubtedly an effective time control app.

The WorkMeter time-tracking app has a very simple operation through two buttons to start and end the activity


The benefits of WorkMeter, the ideal application to control working hours

time-tracking app

The WorkMeter time-tracking software is one of the most effective clocking systems on the market, providing numerous benefits to the way of working for companies that rely on its functionalities, but its advantages go beyond a global improvement. It has advantages applied to each of the agents involved:


  • Accurate calculation of employee overtime
  • Eliminates the perception of a lack of control
  • Allows you to create documents with the information collected for reporting

Human Resources departments (HR)

  • Objective decision-making through data
  • Allows the development of teleworking and labor flexibility policies
  • Retains and attracts human talent
  • Prevent the new law on the registration of working hours from being a brake on teleworking
  • Guarantees compliance with the teleworking law and the law on the registration of working hours
  • Allows you to create automatic rules to promote and guarantee the right to digital disconnection


  • Optimization of your time management
  • A greater degree of autonomy and self-management with data visualization
  • Promotes reconciliation between work and personal life
  • Involvement and greater commitment to the results of the organization

The WorkMeter’s solution can mean a great advance in the management of company time control. These can not only reinforce and streamline your processes, but they can also promote new work models. Check its features by trying its free version.

Adapting your company through the new digital tools offered by the market, as in this case the app work registry, will favor the recruitment of human talent and make it more competitive.

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