Time management: 8 tools that will increase your productivity

Time management: 8 tools that will increase your productivity

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Despite the rapid digital transformation within the world of work that we are facing, we continue to waste much of our time on activities that could be easily avoided if we were able to lean on key technological tools.

In this article, we are going to take a look together at some tools that can help you make the most of your work time and eliminate productivity thieves.

It is necessary to highlight that technology has generated bad habits for us, some of which are difficult to eliminate, for example; constantly looking at the notifications of our smartphones. On the other hand, without realizing it, we lose a substantial part of our work time on distractions and manual tasks that could be more efficient. But solving these problems is possible thanks to time management tools.

8 time management tools

The best way to combat time thieves is undoubtedly to analyze our habits and eliminate all bad habits. But to facilitate this process and make your day more efficient and productive, you can rely on time management tools. Below we give you the best options on the market.

WorkMeter – Performance management software

WorkMeter’s performance management software is a productivity measurement software designed specifically to optimize the management of workers’ time and increase their productivity during their workdays.

Through automatic data collection, it gives you a clear picture of how you manage your productive time and allows you to optimize your work. You will see a series of indicators about your activity and productivity as well as about the distribution of time between the different tasks, projects, and applications.

WorkMeter facilitates self-assessment so that you can make decisions aimed at your development and improvement. Self-analysis helps you to be more autonomous and participatory.

The objective data on your performance allows you to make the work day more flexible by discovering what hours of the day your mind feels most active, to distribute your time between the most difficult or deep tasks and leave the superficial or simple ones for those moments when that you identify, thanks to the tool, that your concentration is dispersed.

WorkMeter software, in addition to being part of the most useful work time management tools, also has automatic digital disconnection systems, since it is very important to know how to stop. Disconnection from work is necessary to improve your productivity and resume your tasks with a clear mind.

Another benefit of this tool for companies is its completely automatic clocking, which makes it possible to comply with the time control law and the teleworking law.

Google Calendar

The Google calendar is one of the most used time management tools around the world, on a personal and professional level. It facilitates communication between professionals, allowing them to share their calendars, appointments, and meetings, keeping everyone up to date. You will be able to see the availability of each member and add reminders.

Google Calendar allows you to manage your tasks and projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and in an intelligent way to save time.

You have five options to organize your day or week, thus communicating to your collaborators when you are busy or available: Event, out of office, reminders, task, and available hours.

Its interface is intuitive and customizable, as well as having many useful features, it synchronizes with other applications, task managers, and calendars so that you can centralize all your information in a single application and better manage your time.

Usage Time app

How many times do you unlock your phone during the day to read the notifications? How much time do you waste scrolling through your Instagram feed? This tool prevents just that.

Usage Time is an application for your smartphones that, once installed, starts keeping track of the activity and interaction you have with your phone: how many times you unlock it in a day, how many hours you use it in total, and how much time you spend on each application.

In addition, it allows you to give time limits for the use of each application. For example, you can decide to limit browsing on your favorite social network to 30 minutes, to make sure it doesn’t take up hours of your day.


Trello is one of the simplest and most intuitive project and task management tools.

It is a great planning and time management tool since it allows you to organize the different activities by boards with lists of tabs. Each tab can be a task to solve, but also a note, a link to save, an activity done, or anything else, depending on how you organize the boards.

It also allows you to assign boards to one or more people, give them a deadline, and add tags.

By writing down each task, you won’t lose any along the way. Plus, if you manage a team, you won’t be distracting anyone by emailing or verbally communicating new tasks or status changes—just update the boards on your task board.

Google tasks

One of many Google time management tools to mention.

Google Task lets you keep track of your daily activities, organize multiple to-do lists, and keep track of your most important deadlines.

This tool syncs your tasks across all your devices and with apps like Google Calendar and Gmail. That way, you don’t run the risk of forgetting them.

Task board

An application that allows you to organize the tasks added to the Google Task list in a Kanban board. It facilitates communication and collaboration between teams, all in real time.

It follows the dynamics of Trello, but its advantage is the integration with Google Workspace tools. This allows you to connect activities to Google Calendar, add or link documents through Google Drive or assign managers and notify them quickly through Gmail.

TaskBoard saves time, optimizes project organization, and benefits work productivity. An effective time management tool.


Bitwarden is a password manager. It is available as a software, extension, app, or web version.

Its function is simple, it stores usernames and passwords when you enter them on any website or application, encrypting them for your peace of mind.

It has an internal password generator that creates random and secure passwords, which saves time.

The paid plan also allows you to share the credentials you want with your team.


The last tool that we recommend is Forest, it is a unique and fun application that will help you stay focused and on track during your working day or development of any activity.

The concept is simple: every time you want to focus, plant a virtual tree. If you stay focused, the tree will grow. If you lose focus, the tree will die. As the name of the app implies, you can grow multiple trees to create a virtual forest.

In addition to being a fun and original time management tool, its use experience reinforces the need to stay focused for a certain period on an activity, task, or project.

In turn, it reminds the workers to take a few minutes of rest, once the configured time has been met since it follows the strategy of the Pomodoro technique. However, you can set more than 25 minutes of focus time.

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