The tools for teleworking that cannot be missing in your company

The tools for teleworking that cannot be missing in your company

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We currently have the necessary technology to be productive working remotely, but there are too many teleworking tools that it is difficult to make an optimal decision at the business level. To help you choose an ideal digital solutions package, in this article, we will introduce you to the best applications and programs for teleworking.

Efficiency, increased productivity and cost savings will always be three fundamental factors for managers and managers when choosing new technologies focused on the success of their teleworking program. Your correct choice will facilitate the path to satisfactory results. However, to choose the best teleworking tools, it is important to take into account a series of key aspects:

    • Easy installation and compatibility with the company’s data processing equipment.
    • Security issues, that is, issues such as data protection and the possibility of recovering information.
    • Technological communications are involved.
    • The type of network in which it will be used.

Teleworking, in addition to allowing you to extend your workplace far beyond the walls of the office, today provides you with health security and personal peace of mind, managing to reconcile all facets of your life without putting your health or your job at risk. Although it is proven that the productivity of working at home is much higher compared to working in the office, challenges always arise that challenge performance.

Tools for teleworking Optimize the time management of your work team!

The most important thing is to get rid of unproductive routines through teleworking programs that evaluate work performance and optimize work time management, identifying actual work hours. The best thing is to acquire teleworking software that measures your productivity and that of your team of professionals, as well as having a system for recording working hours, to avoid the workday taking up the whole day and that your company complies with the law time control.

The best tools for efficient teleworking

Nothing better than having the benefits of the best technological solutions to overcome the challenges that may appear in your teleworking program. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the applications that we consider essential, if you have not tried them yet, you should give them a try, your time and productivity are at stake.

Performance Management Software – WorkMeter

A productivity measurement software that helps companies manage employees who work remotely. It automatically collects the activity that each worker performs from the computer, thus obtaining objective data on the work performance of your company’s personnel. In addition, it identifies the activity outside the computer, through a pop-up window where the user can select the offline task and allocate the time to a specific project. WorkMeter performance software provides detailed reports on activity and productivity levels so that Managers can efficiently analyze workloads. You can check its functionalities by requesting a free trial of the software that lasts 15 days.


Tab across different devices automatically


An application for corporate communication through a programmable chat. Allow your team to work by channels and share files or news. It is a very useful and intuitive tool that saves time and encourages collaboration between colleagues while teleworking. It has a free version and a paid version that goes from 6 to 12 euros per month, depending on your needs.


Teleworking application oriented to streaming meetings and conferences. It allows you to hold your meetings at a distance with several users connected at the same time, either from computers or mobile devices. It can be used for free, allowing you to make video calls of up to 40 minutes in length. Its paid version offers multiple benefits and the price of its packages ranges from 11 euros to 40 euros per month.

Microsoft Teams

It belongs to the Office package, which makes it fully compatible with all Microsoft programs for editing and sending. It also facilitates communication between teams and telework colleagues. It has a free plan and 3 payment packages with a cost of 4 euros to 20 euros per month.


It is one of the most popular teleworking applications for organizing and managing tasks. It features collaborative environments for large teams and a notepad-like layout that provides a unique and intuitive visual order for assigning tasks and monitoring their progress. Its benefits can be used for free, however, it has payment packages of 10 euros per month with which you can expand its functionalities.

Google Drive

The leading application when it comes to office automation and cloud storage. It has the best environment for collaborative editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, among others. In addition, it allows access from any device since it is completely focused on the digital and online world, therefore the teleworking model.


This application revolutionized the way of communicating with clients during teleworking. Facilitate contact between your company and your customers, centralizing all the information you obtain from different applications in the same environment, so you don’t lose any message. You can start using its features completely free, however, it has payment packages from 50 euros to the possibility of customizing the price according to your needs and customer base.

As you can see, technology is necessary to optimize the management of productive remote work, but what is the use of having the best technology on the market if we don’t know how to work efficiently? If you are not aware of how your work habits slow down your efficiency, there is little you can do to try to improve productivity. The solution and the first step, as we have already mentioned, is to have performance measurement software. At WorkMeter we offer you teleworking software where you can see what you are doing and how you are doing it through productivity indicators. , so you can redefine your productive routines and achieve a much more efficient way of working.

Performance Management Software - free trial

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