Remote work: 6 tools that promote employee well-being

Remote work: 6 tools that promote employee well-being

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Remote work: 6 tools that promote employee well-being

It is possible to mitigate the few disadvantages of this model with the many benefits that employees gain during remote work: more flexibility, less stress, and a better work-life balance. However, achieving this balance is not exactly easy, especially when experiencing feelings of anxiety in uncertain times.

While remote work largely depends on choosing the best software for project and task management, it is equally important to invest in tools that help professionals achieve a healthy balance between work and other areas of their lives, such as family, physical health, and emotional and mental well-being.

How to achieve a balance between remote work and personal life

Working from home creates a thin line between dedicating enough time to our personal lives and spending 12 hours a day at a desk on the brink of exhaustion. This is because effective remote work requires a delicate balancing act among many different factors. One of those factors is the increasingly popular practice of asynchronous communication.

Asynchronous communication is, in short, communicating with team members without the need for real-time responses. While video conferencing is still the most reasonable way to discuss critical matters, it is not the only option when it comes to communicating with your team. Conversations that do not require an immediate response can minimize interruptions and lead to high-quality discussions.

Another important factor to consider is the importance of establishing a streamlined workflow and managing development time. It is normal to encounter inefficient processes while working, but leaving these problems unresolved will only take more time than necessary, which hampers the productivity of any professional.

To simplify your workflow, you can start by reducing your digital toolset to the essential tools and integrating them to save time. Additionally, organizing a work routine, defining goals, schedules, and breaks is crucial.

To optimize time management, it is key to acquire and use dedicated tools that allow you to identify the moments of the day when concentration and productivity levels are high enough to better organize your work times and achieve your goals satisfactorily.

Tools that promote employee well-being during remote work

When the two aforementioned factors are present within a set of remote work tools, any professional will be equipped to better manage their time intelligently, improve productivity, and achieve a healthier balance between work and personal life. Let’s take a look at the most useful tools.

WorkMeter’s productivity measurement software

Optimize time management and facilitate goal achievement. Protect your health and promote digital disconnection, contributing to overall employee well-being.

WorkMeter’s productivity measurement software, includes features dedicated to ensuring employee well-being, from health and digital disconnection to time management.

Do you often wonder where all your time went at the end of the day? EffiWork provides reports that allow you to visualize time allocation during the workday, making it possible to identify when you are most productive, how you spend your time on different devices and tools, or which applications you devote the most time to. All of this respects the privacy and confidentiality rights of any professional, without accessing their personal or work content.

Workmeter’s tool helps objectively track your productivity levels by measuring how much time you spend on distracting applications and websites. It offers various features designed to assist both professionals and teams and managers in improving focus and accomplishing more in less time.

Furthermore, it offers the possibility of setting digital health rules, such as alerts or pop-ups that activate when an employee exceeds their working hours or spends too much time in front of the computer, encouraging them to disconnect or take breaks to rest their eyes and stretch, safeguarding their physical and mental health.

Thanks to these features, the tool promotes self-management of work time during the workday, as well as schedule flexibility and self-responsibility. It also guarantees the right to digital disconnection, which is essential for employees working remotely, facilitating a healthy balance between work and personal life and promoting work-life balance.

The software includes a project module that allows you to track time dedicated to specific projects, tasks, and activities, providing a deeper insight into how to manage your time more effectively. Time allocation to projects is entirely automated.

Focus Booster

Overcome interruptions during remote work and effectively complete daily goals.

Focus Booster is a solution that implements the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working in 25-minute time blocks with 5-minute breaks to help you overcome interruptions and finish your tasks with a sense of accomplishment.

The solution features a straightforward interface, displaying a 25-minute countdown timer that alerts you when it’s time to take a break.

It is a suitable solution for those struggling with procrastination. Work sessions are automatically recorded so you can better understand your progress and productivity.¡

Create an environment that fosters personal well-being and enhances productivity during remote work. is a productivity application that provides specially generated music to help you focus, relax, sleep, or meditate.

You can choose from different types of audio, including classical music, bells or bowls, rain, wind, nocturnal sounds, and more, depending on your personal preference.

The team collaborates with scientists to produce evidence-based functional music that influences brain activity and helps you achieve your desired mental state.


Organize tasks and promote team communication to prevent burnout during remote work.

Trello is a popular task and project management tool that allows you to organize your projects using the Kanban method. It is well-known for its simple and direct functionalities.

You can create to-do lists and boards to share information with colleagues, manage deadlines, and track pending and completed tasks.

In addition to organizing work-related tasks and projects, you can use Trello to plan major events, organize your job search, create a fitness plan, maintain a healthy diet, or manage extracurricular activities.


Enhance idea comprehension and increase productivity.

A web-based software dedicated to creating online mind maps, allowing you to capture, develop, and share ideas graphically.

According to studies, mind maps improve creativity, productivity, and collaboration by helping synthesize information and understand it quickly.

This solution not only structures information in an easy-to-understand manner but also increases productivity, fosters collaboration, improves memory, and stimulates creativity.

Mindful Browsing

Avoid distractions and stay focused on the web to achieve your goals.

It is a Chrome extension accessible to all professionals that helps you stay focused on what is important.

It features a system that prevents you from wasting time on distracting websites that affect your concentration and productivity. Once you have identified sources of distraction within its settings, when you attempt to access these sites, Mindful Browsing will ask if you are sure you want to spend time on such activity. You can choose to proceed or not; the solution does not prevent you from doing so but warns you of its distracting effects.

These are some of the useful solutions to promote the well-being of workers and protect their physical and mental health, as well as enhance focus and productivity. Choose the ones that best suit your needs, and you will notice the difference.

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