How to protect your mental health and achieve efficient telework

Published on 26/02/2024

How to protect your mental health and achieve efficient telework

Published on 26/02/2024
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How to protect your mental health and achieve efficient telework

It’s been months since many companies began implementing telework as a permanent modality, bringing about a profound change in our routines and workdays. When we add to this the strong emotions generated by the current health crisis, a series of personal difficulties come to light. That’s why we would like to offer you some tips that will help you protect your mental health and promote efficient and more enjoyable telework.

Telework has always been among the top benefits for employees of a company. 70% of professionals were looking for jobs that allowed them to work remotely, at least one day a week, until the health crisis arrived and almost permanently implemented telework in most companies worldwide, confirming its numerous work-related benefits but also presenting some personal challenges, especially due to the uncertain situation we are going through. Focusing and getting work done is quite a challenge with such peculiar circumstances as the current ones. The combination of uncertainty, stress, fear, and other strong emotions, along with the demands of family and work life, can affect mental health and impact the effectiveness of your work. For this reason, we want to provide you with some tips that will help you protect your mental health and carry out effective and efficient telework.

Tips to relax and achieve efficient telework:

  • Prepare Yourself and Your Workspace

Your physical well-being affects your mental well-being, so it’s important to design your comfort to start your workday. Organize a workspace carefully, with suitable furniture and the necessary tools to carry out your professional tasks. Settle in to start the day in a chair that meets your ergonomic needs, clear your desk with your computer screen at eye level, and if possible, enjoy natural light. Music always opens the door to concentration, so make use of this strategy if you find it necessary and aim for the development of an efficient telework day.

  • Set short- or medium-term goals.

Protect your mental health by focusing on short- and medium-term goals and considering what you would like to achieve this week, both professionally and personally. Try not to stress about future plans unless strictly necessary, as they may not be useful or accurate at the moment. On a professional level, to make your level of productivity a further motivation and to achieve an efficient telework day, you can organize your goals into lists, write them in your agenda, or use digital tools. In our WorkMeter blog, we explain eight foolproof methods to increase your productivity during telework by organizing your projects and tasks by priority.

  • Establish Your Ideal Routine

To improve your adaptation to telework and social distancing, the best strategy is to establish a daily routine to adhere to and within which to structure your work schedule. Plan fixed sleep and wake times, moments of the day to shower, relax, and get ready, to exercise, for leisure time, training, or reading, as well as schedules for cooking and eating healthy meals. This way, you will stay busy, feel good about yourself, and achieve a balance between your personal and professional responsibilities, stressing much less.

  • Take Active Breaks to Mobilize Your Body

Spending many hours sitting in front of a computer without changing positions is harmful to your health and doesn’t actually help you concentrate; you’re straining your body and mind. It can also trigger a series of bad postures that affect our physical well-being. That’s why it’s so important to take a few minutes of rest every two hours to disconnect, stretch your body, take a few steps around the house, make yourself a tea, and oxygenate your brain with fresh air by looking out the window or going out to the balcony, so you’ll come back with more energy to fulfill your work objective since this quick disconnection promotes concentration and performance in your work, hence efficient telework.

  • Stay Hydrated and Eat Properly

Avoid fast food, binging on snacks and sweets, or spending meal and snack times overworking. It’s very important that you dedicate exclusive and quality time to your food, and most importantly, stay hydrated! Regular hydration is essential for your brain. Dedicate time to eating healthily and staying hydrated, which helps clear your mind and make you much more efficient. When you deprive your body of food or liquid, your performance decreases.

  • Enjoy Your Family and Social Life Within Circumstantial Possibilities

Social interaction is as necessary as oxygen for our mental health. So don’t let yourself be consumed by the computer and look for moments of the day to share with the people you live with, always within an established routine so that you can balance your work and family life. On the other hand, despite the great difficulty of face-to-face social interaction with friends and colleagues, you can take advantage of the facilities of technology and use various forms of socializing online. Video conferences and calls are great resources for doing this. Also, in a telework environment, during video call meetings, try to ask a couple of non-work-related questions and listen to personal experiences, thus promoting empathy and generating shared well-being, as we are all experiencing a situation of habit change and adapting to a new normal.

  • Don’t Criticize Yourself, Rather Support Yourself

In the current situation, marked by change and uncertainty, we have more than one concern in mind, and it’s human to use self-criticism to motivate ourselves, but be careful! Because this causes stress and anxiety. Make way for emotional intelligence, try to avoid the bad habit of self-criticism, and try to support yourself instead. Work on always finding solutions; don’t dwell on the problem, and manage your emotions. This is not easy for anyone, especially when we need to adapt to new circumstances. Instead of criticizing yourself, try to talk to yourself as you would to one of your work colleagues and ask yourself, “How can I organize myself to do it, feel better, and satisfactorily achieve my goal?” Identify areas for improvement and find solutions to carry out an efficient telework day. Become your own leader and stop being your worst enemy.

Caring for your business or entrepreneurial project is very important, but to make it work correctly, you have to start by taking care of your mental health; to have organized ideas and be sure of how to execute them. Especially in such an uncertain moment as the current one, restructuring your routine over and over requires patience, order, and serenity, as well as emotional intelligence. Start applying our tips and identify the well-being they provide you, directly affecting your work productivity and personal tranquility. You will also see it reflected in the outcome of your projects. If you want to be precise, rely on telework measurement systems, which provide objective and real-time data.

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