The best tools to measure work productivity and improve

Published on 05/04/2024

The best tools to measure work productivity and improve

Published on 05/04/2024
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The best tools to measure work productivity and improve

The Best Productivity Tools

Today’s companies thrive on productivity and collaboration, requiring effective productivity tools. How do you achieve both in a way that benefits your entire team? How do you overcome inevitable obstacles like priority management, strategy alignment, and transparency?

Fortunately, the small business community has witnessed a recent surge in productivity and collaboration. Why? Many newer online tools have made it easier for teams to communicate clearly, prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and hold each other (and themselves) accountable. From there, it’s just a matter of discovering which tool is right for your business. Check out these seven tools to boost productivity and efficiency and see which ones meet your needs.

WorkMeter Performance Management Software

EffiWork is a tool that allows you to measure individuals’ productivity levels and optimize time management. With EffiWork, you can eliminate time thieves, improve work habits, optimize resources, and increase productivity. It enables automatic detection of applications (without invading user privacy) and people and team management. It features a productivity map, detailed reports, and more.


With Connecteam, you can create your own branded employee app for communication and registration. This tool is valuable for companies with a large number of remote workers who may not enjoy the same privileges in the office as other employees. Through its custom app, remote employees can view and create project checklists, upload files, check work schedules, create informative libraries, and even train for new positions. The app can be created in just over an hour, but there may be a learning curve for employees not accustomed to company apps.

Workflow Max

Want to reclaim 626 hours of your life? That’s the average time WorkflowMax saves its customers. This tool is perfect for companies and freelancers offering services billed based on time. Effortlessly, employees can track time spent on various tasks and remain accountable for their work. WorkflowMax allows users to create professional and instant budgets for prospects, then invoice them later with equally professional-looking forms. Users can even create schedules for special projects and view productivity analytics within the program.


No matter how good you are at avoiding procrastination, you’ll likely find interesting articles and videos somewhere on the Internet while working. But wait, not clicking on it now doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to see it. Pocket allows you to save useful links and articles for later access, installed via an extension on your web browser. Whether it’s a client’s website link, an editable PDF, or an infographic you’d like to share someday on social media, you can put it in your pocket. You can tag your links and documents for organizational purposes, so nothing gets lost.


Cyfe lets you organize what would otherwise be indecipherable data. The program acts as your business’s data dashboard, where you can fully access site visitors, Adwords metrics, keyword rankings, and social media success. Pre-built widgets from MailChimp, Shopify, and many more allow you to customize your board to see the information you want. With all your data in one place, it’s easy for the entire team to keep track of the big picture.


Some people use Trello for shopping lists, and some people use it for their high-growth businesses. Some people use it for both – it’s that intuitive. Set up boards that can be assigned different tasks. These tasks move easily, are tagged with other users’ names for delegation purposes, and are checked off once completed. It’s an ultra-fluid to-do list, perfect for those who prefer to track tasks the easiest way.


Generate a highly complex password and store it with 1Password. This handy tool gives you peace of mind and extra time by securely storing your passwords and automatically entering them on selected sites and programs. With 1Password Teams, administrators can grant and revoke access to shared vaults, saving time resolving company phishing scams. No matter the size of your business, it can likely benefit from 1Password.

Office 365

Most of the above products are developed and managed by new or small to medium-sized companies. Of course, Office 365 is Microsoft’s product – one of the largest companies on the planet. This means it has an incredible array of powerful features related to email management, file sharing, and online meetings. OneDrive provides an excellent cloud storage solution for businesses, while Skype for Business makes web communication straightforward. Start slowly with the Office 365 Business Essentials package, or go straight to Premium for more services, such as the Microsoft Office app suite and high-definition video conferencing.

In the end, it’s about what your organization specifically needs, but you’re likely to benefit from a bit of extra productivity and efficiency. These tools will help you get your teams on the same page, prioritize critical projects, and delegate tasks until you succeed.

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