6 tricks to optimize process improvement

Published on 25/04/2024

6 tricks to optimize process improvement

Published on 25/04/2024
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6 tricks to optimize process improvement

Currently, many organizations are seeking to improve their management system by focusing on efficient and effective management. To achieve this, management based on process improvement is the best option. This will allow us to measure our results day by day. It will be our business guide.

What does process improvement entail?

Process improvement involves constantly optimizing the processes that take place in our company. This improvement should be applied to all the processes that are crucial for our company’s development, although it is also good to have even the smallest processes carried out in our company optimized. This is more complicated, but if we improve the bulk of the processes we usually work with, the benefits will be enormous.

Why invest in process improvement?

The reason for doing this is very simple: to avoid losses. If your processes are not optimized, it is more than likely that you are wasting much of the resources you invest. You have probably discovered by chance a much better and faster way of doing something. And you surely wish you had known it earlier. Why? Because you think about the amount of time and effort you could have saved. To know if you are having losses that you do not perceive, you must measure them.

In our company, the exact same thing happens. Paying enough attention to improving the processes that are carried out will be crucial for the development of our company. It will make it very difficult for us to stagnate, as we will always manage to improve in one way or another. This type of management allows the company to better understand how it works and to know the processes that form it, obtaining greater visibility and control over them.

Organizations have the obligation to be continually improving their business management processes. To do this, they must measure the performance of each one in addition to whether it is adding value to the company, using corrective actions for the processes when necessary. This type of management is most effective in improving the quality and efficiency of companies and thus achieving the initial objectives.

This article will focus on all those processes that involve the people working in the company. Two of the factors that should matter most to companies within these processes are performance and productivity, key factors when making decisions and establishing improvement actions in any company. It is important that to achieve the objectives, key indicators are set from the beginning.

6 tricks to optimize process improvement

To improve management processes and establish them within the organization, the following steps are required:

Define the processes that make up the organization and the most important key indicators of each phase of the process

It is necessary to know the indicators and measure them to know where improvements need to be made. For example, digitize the administrative part of the company. Key indicators would be, for example, the reduction of time spent on manual tasks, cost savings, among others.

Define the phase or phases of the process in which to seek to improve the indicator that has been chosen at the beginning

It is better to modify one phase at a time as this will ensure exact knowledge of the results achieved. If too many things are changed at once, it will not be known what has had a positive influence and what has not.

Once the phase, or phases, to be improved have been chosen, the project is planned

First, the process must be designed and it must be clear what objectives are intended to be achieved. Once the design has been established, the technological resources to carry out the processes, measure their results, etc., must be chosen. Then, the timings of the process must be defined and respected when putting it into operation. Finally, the involved team must be involved from the beginning of the improvement process.

Set the appropriate objectives

It is important to mark the objectives that are to be reached as well as identify the opportunities for improvement and what resources are needed to achieve these objectives.

Analyze the results obtained

It is important to have tools to analyze the results obtained with the process improvement. In this step, the initial indicator should be analyzed to see if the objectives have been achieved. Both quantitative and qualitative results should be analyzed to see if the defined objectives have been achieved at the beginning and if the changes to improve the process have been implemented. The results must be communicated both to the involved team and to the entire company.

Control and constantly follow the process, using metrics

The objectives that were given in a process of improvement can change over time. The processes must be constantly reviewed to see if they change, in addition to whether the improvements that were wanted have been achieved.

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