Manage your agenda and calendars with these tools

Published on 24/04/2024

Manage your agenda and calendars with these tools

Published on 24/04/2024
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Manage your agenda and calendars with these tools

Is scheduling a meeting with your team impossible? Do you track Julia and Andrés’ vacation days? Need to reach IT but unsure of their summer hours? Manage agenda and calendars efficiently to address these challenges.

How can we manage agenda and calendars and organize the time of our teams?

Surely at some point in your work life, you have raised these questions. Or at least similar ones. Time is a scarce resource, and professional success and personal well-being depend on its management.

To help you solve this management and organization problem, let’s see below a series of tools that will help you better manage your agenda and calendars with your employees.

When I Work

This app allows you to schedule meetings and communicate with your employees directly from your Android device or the desktop version for PC. You can see in real time the time frame a person will work or if they have any free slots during the week. You can also use it to schedule department or organizational-wide schedules. Currently, it does not support iOS.


It’s the go-to tool for creating and organizing events for two reasons: it’s free and easy to use. Through a simple email, you can create all the events you need without any registration and propose different dates/times. You just need to share the URL among your contacts for them to participate and choose the best time. If you want to expand functionality, it also has a PRO version that is paid and also a smartphone application.


Another service for scheduling events (meetings, calls, webinars, etc.) based on people’s availability. It stands out mainly for its user interface and a simple and clear event creation system. It integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar. It has a completely free version and a Premium one that unlocks interesting features like different types of events or the ability to modify notifications and reminders to guests.

Planning PME

Manage activity in real-time without the need for Excel spreadsheets thanks to your staff’s absence and occupancy calendars. Allow weekly or monthly calendar views for each person. With its system of alerts and notifications, employees will be immediately notified of any changes to their schedule. It has a web version and an application for smartphones and tablets.

Google Calendar

Perhaps the most basic but nonetheless interesting. Firstly, it works on all devices (computer, tablet, and smartphone) and syncs with your email account. It is an electronic calendar that allows us to create events and invite our contacts to them. We can have our own calendars and share them with others. Similarly, we can view calendars that contacts have shared with us.

Performance Management Software - free trial

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