Increase work performance in your company

Increase work performance in your company

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Increase work performance in your company

Employee motivation is part of the engine that drives performance in any company. It promotes creativity, productivity, and team happiness. However, it’s not always a priority for employers, though it should be. So, in your company, are there actions in place to manage employee performance through their motivation?

Motivation, concentration, and focus can be challenging to achieve. These aspects directly impact employee performance and, more worryingly, can increase employee turnover rates. That’s why tracking your employees’ performance is crucial.

If you’ve noticed a high turnover rate and even a slight drop in your company’s performance, it’s time to take action and evaluate your management. You may uncover areas that need improvement.

How to Improve Employee Performance in Your Company

To reduce employee turnover and boost performance in your company, we present essential tips that will motivate your employees and promote business growth.

Set Realistic Goals

Without clear goals, focus and direction are lost, affecting employee performance. To succeed, concrete and realistic short-term and long-term goals should be established based on execution time and available resources within the organization. This way, it’s possible to increase focus and promote the achievement of daily or weekly objectives within the teams.

Encourage Work Autonomy

Constant control often demotivates employees. Setting objectives and providing tools that allow self-management of time promotes performance and concentration. Not all professionals can focus at the same time, and with various work modalities available today, it’s essential to make activity and project management more flexible, promoting effective and comprehensive work autonomy.

Performance measurement systems are useful in people management as they provide objective data on individual work performance through productivity indicators. This allows employees to make sensible self-assessments and identify areas for improvement to develop an effective action plan in collaboration with their supervisors.

Provide Recognition and Feedback

In today’s highly competitive work environment, companies with the “edge” have the best-trained and most qualified staff. However, even the best employees cannot perform well when they are not motivated enough. This is why employee recognition in the workplace should be an inherent part of any company’s culture.

Recognizing the hard work and achievements of individuals or teams within your organization creates an emotional connection with your employees, resulting in high engagement, increased motivation, and, most importantly, improved performance.

Feedback is equally important as recognition since it has a significant impact on the process related to the development of each team and employee’s activities, and consequently, on the company’s projects and business growth. Project or team leaders should take the time to analyze their employees’ work development to identify strengths and opportunities, conveying a constructive message through healthy dialogues that improve results. Effective tracking is not easy, so the best recommendation is to adopt a performance measurement software. Such tools enable objective evaluations and facilitate the identification of areas for improvement.

Create Traditions or Organize Team-building Activities

Traditions, understood as extracurricular activities, are essential in companies as much as they are in families. Establishing recurring festive celebrations or team-building activities fosters positive morale, which translates into higher performance.

Companies with a strong corporate culture focused on the well-being of the workforce tend to have more engaged employees.

Promote Personal Growth

Employee performance and motivation thrive on continuous learning or dedicated training plans for each worker or team. Offering workshops, workshops, or career and training plans to your employees will boost their performance. It will also strengthen your staff’s professionalism, ultimately promoting your business’s growth. Start structuring an effective employee training plan and reap its benefits.

Training and professional growth activities, when carried out among team members, can also be considered team-building activities. Moreover, building a learning culture in the workplace is vital for retaining talented employees.

Offer Career Growth

Monotony is the primary enemy of employee performance. While all the mentioned tips aim to break the work routine, the possibility of employee growth or promotion within the company is one of the most effective actions against this major enemy. It increases employee motivation as it works within a more personal and ambitious dimension, with the establishment of personal and professional goals.

Offering the possibility of improving an employee’s current position will undoubtedly increase their performance, motivating them to achieve their professional goals within their personal expectations.

Companies should provide professional development opportunities to turn each team and department into a motivated learning organization driven by evolution and change.

Encourage Active Breaks and Ensure Digital Detox

An “active break” is a short break from work, physical effort, or activity that provides energy and boosts creativity, facilitating effective work development and, consequently, increasing performance.

To ensure these breaks and comply with the right to digital disconnection, which has been violated lately due to poor teleworking practices, you can rely on dedicated tools like WorkMeter’s productivity measurement software. It comes with digital health rules and recommends breaks when employees spend too much time online. It also notifies them when their working day has ended based on their hourly activity.

In conclusion, increasing the performance of your work teams in your company is a top priority. The best way to achieve this is by working on actions that strengthen and drive employee motivation. So, the first step is to structure each of these actions and implement them correctly to maintain your company’s competitiveness and avoid risks that could affect your business, such as a high employee turnover rate.

A highly motivated and engaged work team is a significant asset to any organization.

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