8 habits to improve your productivity

Published on 24/04/2024

8 habits to improve your productivity

Published on 24/04/2024
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8 habits to improve your productivity

Improve productivity is a goal that often concerns us all. Did you know that 92% of workers get distracted about two hours a day? Follow these tips to increase your work productivity!

Sometimes we think that spending more hours in the office means being more productive. Big mistake. Leaving the office when it’s almost dark doesn’t mean we’ve been more productive, all we’re doing is feeding the culture of presenteeism.

Improve productivity has nothing to do with investing many hours, but in achieving a level of harmony between goals and achievements. How to achieve it? Very easy! You just have to follow these tips:

1. Set daily goals

Setting big goals as objectives is very counterproductive to improve productivity. Not only is it very likely that we will not end up meeting our goal, but we will also feel great frustration. Improve productivity you should set daily, measurable, and easy to achieve goals. WARNING: they must be goals whose realization depends only on us. If our goal is to leave no pending issues, we can go crazy if at the last minute the boss assigns us a new task.

2. Identify your productive hours 

Extremely important. You need to know at what hours of the day you are most productive, and use those hours to do the most important or difficult tasks, and leave the more mechanical and routine activities for your lowest hours. How to know what your productive hours are? You need to know if you are an owl, a lark, or a hummingbird.

3. Check your email only twice a day

To improve productivity we must engrave the following on fire: urgent is not the same as important. Email is not the right way for urgent matters, the phone is. So the world will not end if we are not online the eight hours of our working day.

4. Allocate a time for each task

We will become improve productivity if we assign a specific time to each task, and, most importantly, we comply with it. For example: phone calls from 9:00 to 10:00, and work on project X, from 10:00 to 12:00. Planning and execution are the key to improving your productivity.

5. Reserve time for yourself

Although we have said that time should be organized and assigned to a task, we must also remember to reserve time for ourselves at the same time we will also improve our productivity. To read, take a walk, have a coffee… we are not machines, so we also need leisure and relaxation time to recharge our batteries. Otherwise, we take the direct road to stress, frustration, and depression.

6. Multitasking is a virus, avoid it

We must fight it. The emergence of technology and the introduction of multiple technological devices into our daily lives have made us develop a skill called “multitasking” to imporve your productivity. But beware! Multitasking is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Far from being our ally, doing various activities at the same time means we do none at 100%. Monotasking is your ally: do only one activity at a time, and disconnect WhatsApp, email, Messenger, Facebook, and everything else.

7. Listen to music

According to the study “The effect of music listening on work performance” (University of Windsor), listening to music at work has a positive impact on worker performance if the right circumstances are given, such as the right type of music. Additionally, a study from the University of Miami claims that workers who listen to music finish their tasks sooner and are more creative.

8. Learn to say no

Perhaps this is the most important, and also the most difficult. Cooperation and teamwork are necessary for the business success of a company, but what we cannot allow is to take on the poor organization of others. Therefore, politely, we must say when necessary: “Excuse me, I finish this and we see how I can help you”, or “Let me finish one thing first”. Similarly, we can use the same phrases when a colleague distracts us.

These are some of the tips you can follow to improve productivity, as well as learn to better manage your time to achieve a balance between your work and personal life and do all those activities that you can never do.

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