TOP 5: Human Resources Software

TOP 5: Human Resources Software

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Human Resources tools and software are being used more and more. The reason is very simple: these are great allies when it comes to monitoring the organization’s personnel, as well as ensuring optimal control of the HR department.

Why you need Human Resources Software for your company

Increasingly, Human Resources departments face a series of demands that they must know how to cope with.

The main demands are, in many cases; the need to quickly move away from market and company changes, increase staff efficiency, control and reduce costs associated with human capital while ensuring regulatory compliance.

All these demands are real challenges, and facing them without any help is a practically impossible task. For this reason, Human Resources departments need optimal software and tools that allow them to carry out their work most efficiently and productively.

Today, companies face these challenges in the following way: they concentrate everything in a single integrated platform that allows them to automate the main processes of personnel management, comply with legal requirements and offer consistent service benefits to the entire workforce. In a nutshell; in human resources software.

Human resources software facilitates the monitoring and management of the most important value that companies have: their human capital.

The time of manual signing and excessive paperwork for optimal employee management has been left behind.

Characteristics to Choose a Human Resources Software

Currently, there are all kinds of programs and human resources apps aimed at facilitating the process of personnel administration, or professional talent management, totally affordable: from software with a monthly subscription, to completely free programs for SMEs and freelancers.

The number of benefits is endless, and it’s hard to argue in favor of the manual format over digitization and HR management software or apps. Paperwork is nothing more than an additional tool to carry out our work, but the optimization of a business is evident, thanks to technology.

Although there are many types of human resources software, it is important to consider a series of characteristics to choose the best one. The characteristics that a good human resource management tool should have are:

Payroll Automation

The possibility of having a payroll system in human resources software is very useful, since it automates salary management, gathering employee information on their work performance; assistance, calculation of deductions and taxes, social contribution, and the periodic generation of the payment order.

It also allows the generation of data and statistics for the entire staff, related to the information processed. There are more sophisticated systems that can establish accounts payable transactions, employee deductions, and even produce checks. The payroll module sends the information to the organization’s general ledger.

The automation of processes in the workplace saves unnecessary efforts, providing precise and completely objective information.

Labor benefits management

The work benefits management module allows the evaluation of the working time information of each employee. With this Software, the analysis of the data allows a better distribution of work and is a key ingredient to easily establish analytical accounting capabilities and a positive cost process.

Management of social benefits

The social benefits management module of this HR Software allows professionals to best manage benefits such as health insurance, work accident insurance, or complementary retirement systems.

Comprehensive human resources management

The human resources management module covers most of the Human Resources processes, includes fewer legal particulars, and is more focused on a management policy. The systems with this module record management, selection, training, and development data, as well as capacity assessment, skills management, and other related activities.

This module manages personal data (age, address, family…), skills and titles, training followed, salary levels, and registration of curriculum vitae data, among others.

Productivity indicators

To assess the productivity of each employee, it is necessary to quantify the time and activities that generate positive results within the organization. This becomes very complicated, especially in service companies where intangible goods are produced.

In these cases, it is necessary to measure the activities of each one of the employees and separate the productive activities, that is, those that are directly related to the company, from the personal ones; those who are not directly related to the company.

With the use of human resources software, you can quantify the real cost (person hours) that it takes each of them to perform their tasks, as well as the tools they use to achieve the objectives.

Compliance with the time control law

The new time control law obliges companies to keep an hourly record of each employee’s workday, from the beginning to the end of their schedule.

Said Law sought to end job insecurity, which is highly favored by the amount of unrecorded overtime that many workers are forced to invest.

Currently, the perception that companies and workers have about time control systems has been changing, thanks to the benefits of having software dedicated to recording working hours.

Having time control software is no longer conceived as an intrusive or negative alternative, as it has become an ally, providing the necessary knowledge to understand how to better manage working time, optimize productivity, and facilitate the introduction of flexible models such as teleworking.

Although there are different types of human resource management software, few have a time recording system, which is why companies choose to purchase software dedicated to meeting this need, such as  WorkMeter’s time control solution, which collects the entry and exit times of people automatically and objectively.

TOP 5: Best Human Resources Software and App

There are many types of human resources management software and apps in Spain, as well as around the world, some more complete than others and your choice will depend on the needs of each company or department. However, it is important to choose the one that guarantees the company to comply with the legal regulations of each country.

Below we present 4 programs for human resource management that help you with the points listed above, allowing you to simplify and make human resource management tasks more efficient:

Performance Management Software – WorkMeter

A 100% automatic solution (SaaS). Promotes employee time self-management and increases labor productivity, complying with the teleworking law, digital disconnection, and time control law.

It is a Human Resources software and app that measures labor productivity, facilitates personnel management, allows time recording, provides detailed, objective, and real-time reports, guarantees digital disconnection, and complies with the remote work law.

Its main functionality is linked to the measurement of productivity, since it automatically measures the time spent by each member of the working staff in a certain activity and classifies it between productive and non-productive, depending on the applications that have been used, providing indicators of controllable productivity.

The best thing about performance management software is that it promotes self-management, thus facilitating the work of those responsible for human resources. Each employee can access their data, see how they are managing their time, detect inefficiencies and remedy them.

WorkMeter software allows you to evaluate the performance of your employees both teleworking and in the office, thanks to the data it provides based on the productive activity of each employee.

Having software that guarantees compliance with the legal framework, which establishes the working conditions of employees, is essential, since it, in turn, guarantees the rights of workers and protects their well-being, as well as avoiding high-cost sanctions.

It complies with the key articles of the remote work law and with the law on the registration of working hours, two fundamental regulations for current business development.

In addition, it guarantees the right to digital disconnection, through an alert system that notifies the employee when they have finished their workday, inviting them to disconnect and rest. Thus avoiding techno-stress and excessive working hours, promoting the reconciliation of professional life and personal life.

WorkMeter offers a complete vacation and absence manager to easily manage staff days, thus allowing to have all the information on the same platform, centrally, saving time processing requests, validations, and accounting for days of absence.

In addition to the time control and productivity module, it has a project and cost management module, very useful and complete.


Online human resources platform for the selection process, recruitment, and onboarding of staff.

It is a software and app dedicated to improving the competitiveness of the Human Resources department, collecting all its management processes: publication of candidacies, selection, onboarding, etc.

Once the program is purchased, workers have a calendar where they can record the hours worked, see their working hours, update the data, and even access their payroll.

Personio focuses mainly on the management of CVs, interviews, and evaluations of candidates, and the monitoring of the selection process.

Oracle Talent Management

Solution-focused mainly on the incorporation and hiring of new professional talents.

Oracle is a company specializing in the development of cloud solutions. Among its most outstanding solutions is Oracle Talent Management, a program that covers each stage of the talent life cycle.

It includes the modules for hiring, incorporation, performance management, compensation, professional development, training, succession plans, and the opportunity market.

SAP Success Factors

Tool and App focused on staff training and strengthening of business culture.

Software focused on human capital management and focused on companies that have between 500 and 1500 employees, designated as a medium. It also allows you to perform administrative tasks under legal and company regulations.

It is a cloud-based solution for managing various HR functions such as business alignment, people performance, recruiting, and training activities.

Orange HRM

Modular solution with different functions focused on the technical administration of personnel.

An Open Source tool is compatible with MySQL and PHP. Its specialized modules allow the controlled management of the professional database, the management of the work performance of the employees, the monitoring of the selection processes, and the hiring of personnel.

This software and app facilitate the tasks included in the employee life cycle. It is a modular online system that allows ordering and managing personnel information, simplifying and automating the required processes.

Now that you know the different options to optimize personnel management processes, which human resources management software or app meets the needs of your company?

Process automation, together with the digitization of personnel management, will always be a good strategy to boost the growth of any type of company, even more so in times of digital transformation.

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