How to improve employee experience: Understand their main concerns

How to improve employee experience: Understand their main concerns

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Employee Experience

In a constantly changing work environment, employee satisfaction and well-being have become inevitable priorities for companies that want to stand out and thrive. A satisfied and committed workforce not only leads to a healthier work environment but also translates into higher performance, talent retention, and ultimately, the sustainable success of the organization.

Thanks to the analysis of more than 10,213 employees from 91 tech companies in the Tech Employee Experience Report 2023, we understand the main shortcomings of tech employees in 2023. In the following lines, we will explore key strategies that companies can implement to optimize the employee experience and stay at the forefront of a constantly changing business world.

What really concerns tech employees?

Achieving true work-life balance

Achieving an effective balance between work and personal life not only positively influences employees’ motivation and commitment to their work but also has a significant impact on reducing the stress they experience, substantially contributing to greater satisfaction in the work environment.

This balance, by allowing workers to manage their professional and personal responsibilities more effectively, nurtures a healthier and more harmonious work environment where employees feel more valued and capable of achieving higher performance in their tasks.

To facilitate this management, it is important to have some time management tool that promotes flexibility and work-life balance. With this type of software, you can configure alerts that mark the end of the workday for your employees, as well as keep track of relevant breaks and rests to support compliance with digital disconnection, thus taking care of the mental and digital health of workers and improving personal-work balance.

High levels of stress

The constant presence of stress can have adverse repercussions on both the physical and mental health of employees while tending to undermine their productivity and level of engagement with the organization.

To avoid a prolonged feeling of “burnout” for employees, it is interesting to offer wellness programs and provide resources for stress management. In addition, it is crucial for the company to show an active interest in the concerns of its employees, collaborating with them to identify the sources of stress.

The first step is to avoid excessive workload. However, to eliminate endless workdays, prevent professional burnout and stress, and promote family conciliation, it is essential to have systems that ensure the right to digital disconnection of teleworkers.

Lack of career growth

According to the Tech Employee Experience Report 2023, 27% of employees demand more growth opportunities, and 39.11% claim not to have a career plan.

The lack of professional progression leads to a decrease in motivation, which in turn can trigger dissatisfaction in the workplace and, in the long term, increase employee turnover.

To prevent this situation, it is crucial to carry out performance evaluations and develop personalized career plans. These plans can incorporate elements such as training in specific skills, mentorship programs, or coaching sessions.

Lack of communication in the Company

How can we ensure good communication within the company? Often, poor communication can generate uncertainty, and even mistrust.

Therefore, it is important to promote a culture of open and transparent communication. For this, new communication channels should be implemented, satisfaction surveys should be conducted, and meetings for feedback exchange such as 1:1 meetings should be organized. In addition, it is essential to ensure that managers are willing to respond to employees’ questions and provide guidance. Only in this way can we ensure that communication between managers and employees is effective.

Not experiencing salary increases

Providing an equitable and competitive salary is essential for employee retention. Although there are often internal constraints, other beneficial alternatives can be explored, such as compensation through restaurant vouchers or transportation incentives. In addition, the offer of private health insurance, scholarship programs for training, and bonuses based on goal achievement can be managed.

In the reality we live in, it is vitally important that companies are attentive and sensitive to the needs and concerns of their employees. Therefore, seeking effective resolution of the challenges named can lead organizations to consolidate a healthy and highly productive work environment.

This strategy not only favors the retention of valuable talent but also lays the foundations for sustained success over time; ensuring that the company is competitive in the market, remains at the forefront, and continues to thrive.

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