Employee of the month evaluation in excel format

Published on 16/04/2024

Employee of the month evaluation in excel format

Published on 16/04/2024
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Employee of the month evaluation in excel format

Employees in a company play a very important role in business growth. Therefore, it is essential to have a management system that offers the possibility of periodically evaluating their performance. In this post, we explain how to conduct an employee of the month evaluation in Excel format.

No matter how small or large your organization is, in reality, it is the people who will make it successful. No strategy, no product, or no service can guarantee business success in the market if its human capital is not managed properly.

Human capital is the term coined by the economist and Nobel laureate Theodore Schultz, which describes this concept as the combination of the following factors:

– Individual characteristics of the person: Intelligence, energy, positive attitude, reliability, commitment.

– The capacity for learning: The willingness, imagination, creativity, and practicality.

– The willingness to share information: Their team spirit and goal orientation.

Human capital is, therefore, the most important element capable of generating value in a company. Hence the need to evaluate the performance of each employee, monthly or semiannually, to identify their performance within the organization and guide them to improvement strategies if necessary, or to provide the recognition they deserve for their work.

Why carry out an employee of the month evaluation in Excel format?

An employee evaluation system represents a solution through which a company can reflect on the performance and professional characteristics inherent to the processes influenced by the person. Conducting an evaluation, by department or work teams, in an organized Excel format, provides a quick and general snapshot of the individual and group performance of professionals, also allowing for easy data comparison and sharing.

This activity is typically part of personnel management, within the Human Resources department, and represents a fundamental tool for performance analysis and verification, useful for understanding how much people contribute to the company’s results and maximizing their performance.

The goal of employee evaluation is also to facilitate the improvement of the group’s performance, through the management of individual skills. To leverage the characteristics of the collaborators, it is necessary to know their strengths and weaknesses, creating a positive and motivating work environment, encouraging desired behaviors, and discouraging unwanted ones.

An Excel format is an effective and agile tool to assess the different competences of professionals, as well as possible gaps in their training, especially when grading their functional or technical competencies. It is the basis for designing a plan that strengthens their knowledge and promotes their skills. Ultimately, this exercise of employee evaluation is useful because it:

– Identifies potential and professional performance.

– Highlights the highest performing individuals.

– Allows for the anticipation of problems.

– Identifies each professional’s weaknesses.

– Reveals the company’s opportunities within its human capital.

– Facilitates the analysis of the employees’ contribution to the company.

– Improves work quality.

– Allows for the establishment of new goals.

It is recommended to carry out the employee evaluation in Excel format for small companies or teams, to facilitate the understanding of the information. For large companies or teams, it is ideal to use software with specialized functions that allow the analysis and evaluation of professionals, providing objective data automatically and allowing for the storage of a large amount of data.

How to conduct an employee of the month evaluation in Excel format

Having a well-designed, quick, and easy-to-execute performance evaluation process is important to ensure that the business is running smoothly. Using an evaluation template will help to better manage the process; documenting the performance of employees, through the grading of different fundamental professional competences.

Depending on the level of detail the personnel manager or group leader wants to have in the employee evaluation, they can select more or fewer competencies and complement them with open-ended questions or specific questionnaires.

On this occasion, we offer you a free employee of the month evaluation template in Excel format, download it here. You will find the key competencies for the benefit of the company, within which you can compare the results of each employee and identify the highest rating, thanks to the graphs and formulas that accompany the data table.

The competencies that accompany the template can be evaluated from 1 to 5, or whatever value you prefer. In the case of choosing the recommended rating, the values would go from highest to lowest and would be:

5 = Very professional; expert and qualified

4 = Good; with knowledge and skills but can improve

3 = Average; has some skills

2 = Low; has few skills or knowledge

1 = No skill or knowledge

For the employee performance evaluation, in the downloadable template we have selected as a criterion the professional or technical competences, also called ‘hard’, and the behavioral competences, also called ‘soft’. We detail each of these:

Behavioral competences

These are personal attributes or skills, abilities, knowledge, attitudes, values, interests, and motivations that determine a person’s potential within the work environment and promote the level of performance and development expected. These can be presented unconsciously as they depend on the stimuli that the employee receives. For example: leadership, punctuality, acceptance of criticism, problem-solving, adaptability, initiative, etc.

Forbes explains ‘soft skills’ as those that have to do with emotional intelligence and that favor interpersonal relationships.

Technical or functional competences

This is the set of skills that a collaborator must have, according to the professional position they occupy within the company. They are necessary for the development of their labor functions. These competences vary according to the position being evaluated.

As they are associated with a specific trade or profession, it is necessary to identify the knowledge expected of the professional. For example, if they are capable of using certain tools essential for the effective development of their daily work.

According to theorists Spencer and Spencer, a competence is: “a characteristic of the individual that is causally related to a standard of effectiveness and/or with a superior performance in a job or situation.”

How to obtain data on employee performance

Trusting a digital solution with features dedicated to human resources is always a good decision, as in addition to being able to monitor the performance of employees, both individually and as a group, it is possible to obtain objective reports, according to the criteria established within the solution.

WorkMeter’s productivity measurement software, facilitates employee evaluation as it has key indicators to measure their daily performance and provides a complete analysis of the same.

To carry out the employee evaluation, it is necessary to quantify their working time and the activities they dedicate themselves to. WorkMeter, separate the ‘Productive’ activities; those that are directly related to the company, from the ‘Personal’ or ‘Unproductive’; those that are not directly related to the company. This way, it is possible to identify the tools they use to achieve objectives and evaluate technical competencies.

It also has a workday record to evaluate the punctuality of the employee and quantify the real cost (person-hours) that it takes each one of them to perform their work activities.

Finally, it is worth noting that this type of solution guarantees the company compliance with legal regulations. WorkMeter, in particular, complies with the remote work law and the workday record law, ensuring at the same time the fundamental rights of workers, motivating them to develop effective and productive work.

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