E-Recruitment Revolutionizes Talent Search

E-Recruitment Revolutionizes Talent Search

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E-Recruitment Revolutionizes Talent Search

The digital era has transformed every aspect of our lives, including how companies search for and hire employees. E-recruitment, or electronic recruitment, has become an essential tool for organizations in the search for talent and digital transformation

What is e-recruitment?

Digital recruitment, known as e-recruitment, has gained popularity in the field of Human Resources across various companies. Its growth is largely due to its outstanding ability to attract talent and its efficiency in terms of time and budget.

Essentially, e-recruitment focuses on using automated techniques and tools to handle the laborious tasks of the selection process, such as comparing resumes based on experience and education.

E-recruitment utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline and optimize the hiring process. Through online platforms like job websites, social networks, and candidate databases, companies can reach a wide audience of professionals worldwide.

How does it work?

To understand the capabilities of e-recruitment platforms, it’s important to know the process and the integrations and tools used.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that all e-recruitment platforms operate with big data. This enables agile and accurate filtering of applications, helping the HR team obtain a reduced number of high-quality interviews.

The use of big data is supported by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is a candidate tracking system. Through the ATS, it’s possible to manage the entire recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection and subsequent hiring. The ATS is a comprehensive system that consolidates all information into a single database and allows for quick and easy reporting.

What are the advantages of e-recruitment?

E-recruitment has revolutionized the way companies search for talent and offers several significant benefits compared to traditional recruitment methods. One key advantage is its ability to reach a much larger number of candidates. Instead of relying solely on print advertisements or physically distributing resumes, companies can post their job openings online, allowing them to attract candidates with diverse profiles from different geographical locations.

Digital recruitment has introduced innovation to the fundamentals of labor hiring and has generated significant benefits for adopting organizations.

  • Cost reduction

This type of recruitment facilitates the automated evaluation of a high number of candidates, which helps to reduce costs associated with massive processes compared to manual methods.

  • Time savings

Time is one of the most valuable resources today, and one of the benefits of e-recruitment is the considerable savings it offers. It’s possible to receive applications minutes after posting job vacancies.

  • Broader reach

Thanks to the digital world, it’s now possible to reach a larger number of potential applicants, making the search broader and more diverse.

  • Candidate knowledge

Often, among all the selected resumes, there are many interesting ones, but it’s not possible to interview everyone. In this sense, reviewing candidates’ social profiles allows for obtaining more extensive information about their skills and values to verify if they align with the company’s philosophy.

  • Brand generation

Another advantage of online recruitment is that it allows organizations to create a user experience that builds brand recognition.

E-recruitment platforms

We reach the final point. Although there is a wide variety of e-recruitment platforms, we will show you the most popular ones.


Aira is one of the most comprehensive software available in the market for e-recruitment. With this platform, you can carry out job posting and management of the entire recruitment process, in addition to accessing rankings of resumes, tests, and interviews conducted. An additional benefit is the presence of a conversational bot in Aira, which helps recruit and select candidates on social networks.

Another standout aspect of this e-recruitment platform is the ability to send automated thank-you messages and feedback to candidates. Aira presents itself as a complete, practical, and organized solution, making it a very solid option to consider.


Manatal is a cloud-based recruitment software thatoffers various functionalities. With this tool, you can post your job vacancies, manage candidates, select the best candidate, and obtain final metrics on relevant aspects for your area.

A notable feature of Manatal is the ability to post your vacancies on multiple free and paid channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google for Jobs, and Monster, among others. All of this can be managed centrally on the e-recruitment platform.

Simplicity is one of the fundamental pillars of Manatal. Its interface and processes are presented in an easy, fast, and efficient manner thanks to artificial intelligence. Additionally, they ensure that processes can be completed in less than 15 minutes, allowing for a practical and effective experience.

In conclusion, e-recruitment has proven to be a revolutionary tool in the field of talent recruitment and selection. By using advanced technology such as online platforms, big data, artificial intelligence, and automation, companies can reach a wide pool of candidates, streamline selection processes, and make more informed decisions.

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