Calculate hours worked at work

Published on 21/03/2024

Calculate hours worked at work

Published on 21/03/2024

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Calculate hours worked at work

Spain is one of the European Union countries where professionals work the most hours during the day. However, workers continue to dedicate more and more time to their work than to their personal lives, so it is very important to know how to calculate the hours worked as it affects their remuneration and well-being.

On the other hand, companies, especially human resources departments, need to keep an up-to-date record of working hours worked by their employees to ensure compliance with the working time registration law. Therefore, it is also important to know how to correctly calculate the hours worked.

How to Calculate Working Hours?

Generally, the hours worked by professionals in Spain are 40 hours per week and 9 hours per day unless the company’s collective agreement indicates a different schedule, as stated in the Workers’ Statute.

Those responsible for the hiring process or human resources directors must accurately calculate the hours worked by each employee to then calculate the corresponding salary for each professional and recognize their overtime to provide fair compensation.

There are different methods and tools that allow calculating the hours worked per employee; here are some:

Manually Calculating Working Hours

It is possible to manually calculate the hours worked by multiplying the corresponding working hours for the daily shift by the total number of working days in the year. This way, the actual working hours will be computed without counting vacation days.

This process can be somewhat overwhelming as the calculation must be made for the entire staff, according to the working time specified in the timekeeping system, and in case additional annual hours are identified beyond the initial calculation, they must be compensated in the established salary since they will be considered overtime.

Workday Calculator

Article 34 of the Workers’ Statute specifies four fundamental pieces of information to calculate the hours worked by an employee:

  • The total number of days in the year,
  • The total number of Saturdays and Sundays in the year as well as local and national holidays, which vary depending on the autonomous community,
  • The exact number of vacation days,
  • The daily working hours according to the type of shift agreed upon by the collective agreement.

From this information, a chart can be obtained showing the total non-working days, working days, and total working hours in the year.

Automatically Calculating Working Hours

The best way to calculate the hours worked per employee is by incorporating time tracking software, such as time management tools, which not only ensures compliance with labor registration laws but also automatically calculates the hours worked, identifying the start and end of each worker’s shift and providing objective and precise data to managers and the human resources department for optimal management.

These tools facilitate employee check-in, allow for the management of different types of days, agreements, and vacations, and also ensure the right to digital disconnection by having an alert system that notifies the worker when they have completed their scheduled working hours, prompting them to disconnect.

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