How to achieve business success

Published on 05/04/2024

How to achieve business success

Published on 05/04/2024
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How to achieve business success

The internet is brimming with content on business success: Perseverance, optimism, hard work, etc. All this advice is well and good, but the reality we face in the day-to-day operations of our business is very different.

What is business success?

Let’s start by constructing a definition of business success. Every entrepreneur has dreams and ambitions when starting their business. In fact, it’s very likely that these dreams and ambitions are some of the main drivers for undertaking the venture. An entrepreneur has goals to achieve. Whether these goals are reached will determine the success of our business.

The financial benefits gained from owning a successful business are, of course, of great importance to many entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, financial benefit is a powerful motivator for anyone starting a business, and it will be one of the factors that push them to take significant risks. But if we can define success as the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you have when your career in the business world ends, then success takes on a dimension that, for many people, is superior to the financial one.

Types of business success

Next, we will examine the different types of success we can achieve with our company.

Personal success

For entrepreneurs, satisfaction is implicit in the process of creation. Developing an idea until it becomes a product or service is a personal success for anyone who decides to undertake it. There’s also a component of pride in owning something you’ve created. For example, seeing your surname or your name on a successful product or company represents significant recognition and, as we say, a dose of pride for the entrepreneur. Moreover, facing challenges and emerging success, and realizing abilities you didn’t know you had, are undoubtedly major elements of personal success that a business can bring.

Economic success

A successful business is one that achieves a consistent return on investment for those who risk their capital to get the company off the ground. The company’s founders, who are often also investors, thus manage to create wealth for their families and security for their future. This gives us another way to measure success: being able to provide our children with a better life than we had.

Social success

Companies also measure their success based on the good they do for society. Some have specific objectives, such as improving the environment or providing educational opportunities for children through the products and services they offer. Others have a high commitment to charity and being good corporate citizens. For example, the company of famous actor Paul Newman, Newman’s Own Inc., which sells a wide range of products, donates all profits to charity.


Longevity is a significant success factor for any business starting today. The number of companies that start strong but are brought down by the market a few years later is huge. Therefore, one of the factors that marks business success is the ability to sustain the company’s success over time, despite the difficult times and market changes it may go through.

Customer satisfaction

Helping customers solve a problem is the purpose of any product or service we want to launch. In fact, that’s why most of the products and services we use in our daily lives were created. For business owners, seeing how their product facilitates and improves people’s lives is a great source of satisfaction. It’s one of the drivers that keeps them working tirelessly to improve the product day after day. Customer Satisfaction can be as important as economic success to the founder of a company.

Employee satisfaction

A significant success factor for a company is the satisfaction of its workers. If workers have flexible hours and other components of emotional salary, it will contribute greatly to their motivation in the company. You can have economic success, but if your employees spend their days looking for a job to leave your company as soon as possible, your business won’t really be successful. A business must operate in a coordinated manner. All for one, so to speak. If your employees are not satisfied, whether due to workplace conditions or issues related to treatment by bosses or colleagues, there’s a significant risk for your company. Any day, you could face a wave of resignations that could cost you a lot of the money you had earned.

How to achieve business success

The keys to business success

We explain how to achieve business success through a series of fundamental keys:

Thorough analysis of metrics

This is fundamental. The only way to improve is to measure our progress. Only then will we know if we are moving in the right direction. When we say thorough, we mean it. Every metric and every number generated by our business must be documented. Everything. Much of business success is based on looking at the numbers. That’s right. Looking at the numbers over and over again, studying what each figure has caused, and implementing improvements and defining strategies. Is it hard work? Of course, but you need to know how to direct your hard work. It’s necessary to be very clear about where we need to apply our efforts. Studying our figures, results, and accounts is one of the key areas where we must work hard. These will allow us to work efficiently to achieve business success.

Constant search for opportunities

An entrepreneur must seek opportunity. And if it can’t be found, they must create it. Entrepreneurs need to be constant seekers of opportunities and situations from which their businesses can benefit. Make contacts, yes, that’s always said, but the truth is it works. However, we also refer to this on an operational level. If you’re trying to sell your product and your customers aren’t picking up the phone, you can’t just wait for them to decide to do so. If an entrepreneur detects that something isn’t working, they have to get moving as soon as possible to make it work. Look for customers elsewhere, pull out your contact list, reach out to places you haven’t called yet, to customers who you called long ago and who told you they’d think about it… This is also what being an entrepreneur entails.

Fostering growth (Expansion)

Don’t think big, think about growing. Think about what can enhance your business. If your service is only in Spanish, consider translating it into other languages. If there’s an area where your product could fit, find it and use it. It’s always necessary to think big, to think about the next step, and to aim for greater benefits. Complacency is destructive for any business. The more it grows, the more you should ensure it keeps growing. At this point, we could also talk about the concept of inertia, which could be linked to the previous point. Take advantage of the moments when your company is progressing. When your business is doing well, seize that moment with all your might and try to achieve the most. Imagine it was a video game, and you’re at a stage where you keep winning. When you’re on a streak, be aware of it and strive to your utmost.

The right tools and their proper use

Of course, to achieve our goals, we need to equip ourselves with the right tools. These will significantly facilitate our path and help us meet our goals in the most efficient way. In addition, we must try to make the most of all these tools. To choose them, we must be clear about the essential aspects of our business. Among these, we must analyze those that can (and should) be automated and try to make all those processes as automatic as possible. Moreover, thinking about the indispensable aspects of our business, we must look for the tools that best suit us. For example, if we have a blog, we should decide which platform interests us the most and why.

At WorkMeter, we offer software for project management and cost control. An effective tool, thanks to its innovative conditional rules system, unique in the market, it allows you to automatically detect on which project you are working and accurately allocate time to it. There are no errors or oversights, and the data obtained is 100% objective.

The Internet and Business Success

The internet is overflowing with content on this topic. It’s normal, because it’s something many people are searching for. Many people try to see if Google offers them the answer, the definitive key to achieving business success. It’s a very attractive topic, and therefore, it’s easy to find hundreds and hundreds of articles and videos that repeat an identical mantra: work hard, visualize what you want, maintain a positive mindset…

In the end, all these tips are nothing more than shots of motivation for anyone. But that’s all they are, because it’s also a wasted motivation boost. When it comes down to it, many of these tips don’t work. Of course, it’s good to have a positive attitude, visualize your goals, and work hard. But when it comes down to it, what exactly will make you achieve success?

That’s what we wanted to talk about in this post. About what the real keys to business success are, the ones hardly anyone talks about. The ones that don’t sell as much. But in the end, these keys are crucial and the only ones you should keep in mind if you want to achieve success with your company. For career success, that is, for an individual looking to climb to a high position without being an entrepreneur, these keys are more or less applicable. Above all, they focus on what needs to be done in a company for it to be successful, solvent, and profitable.

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