5 factors that affect work performance

Published on 18/03/2024

5 factors that affect work performance

Published on 18/03/2024
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5 factors that affect work performance

The factors outlined below have a significant influence on the work performance of employees within a company. Understanding them thoroughly and knowing how to make the most of them will lead to immense improvement for our organization.

In order to achieve an optimal level of job performance, it is important that employees have a clear understanding:

  • Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities: If an employee is unclear about their exact tasks or the extent of their competencies, it can lead to higher-level problems within the company.
  • Understanding Procedures: Each worker must know the specific procedure for each task to avoid confusion that could hinder company operations.
  • Compliance with Policies: It’s crucial for all employees to be familiar with company policies from day one to prevent potential issues.
  • Achievement of Objectives: Employees need to know if they are meeting expected results to gauge their performance effectively.

Additionally, when evaluating work performance, various internal and external factors must be considered. The most important ones include:

Internal Factors:

  • Leadership from management.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Company culture.

External Factors:

  • Employee’s personal and family factors.
  • Environmental or hygienic factors such as insomnia (or poor-quality sleep), extreme weather conditions (cold or excessive heat negatively impact), noise, lighting, air quality, poor communication among employees, diet, etc. These aspects may not motivate when present, but their absence can act as demotivators and significant stressors.

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Motivation and Its Influence on Work Performance

Motivation is one of the most crucial factors affecting employees’ performance. The productivity of an organization largely depends on the performance of its employees. Higher personal well-being translates to better performance and productivity, benefiting the company’s overall progress. Therefore, implementing clear and effective policies for employee motivation is crucial.

The motivation permeates all aspects of life, and individuals need to feel appreciated and valued (including in the business world), with their efforts recognized. Many organizations mistakenly believe that monetary recognition is paramount, but there are other perspectives to motivate workers.

Among the main factors that affect motivation, the following stand out:

    • Work environment suitability.
    • Goal setting.
    • Recognition of work.
    • Employee involvement.
    • Training and professional development.

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